Order Enquiries

I saw a design that I like on Instagram but I can’t find it here. How do I enquire / order the cake? Expand

Drop us a message at orders@gulalicious.net! Don’t forget to attach the image of your desired design.

What if I like a design I’ve found on the internet that is not from Gulalicious? Expand

Drop us an email with the sample image of desired cake.(orders@gulalicious.net) Do note however that images serve only as a guideline, we cannot do an exact replication of a design out of respect for other bakers but we can definitely draw inspiration from their design but never an exact replication.


I have already placed an order for a customised cake. Can I add on more items without incurring extra delivery fee? (for same time, date and location) Expand

Of course you can! Glad you asked that!

If your total order (standard + customised items) is above $150, you qualify for free delivery!

You would need to:
1) Click ‘self-collection’ upon checkout so you do not incur an additional delivery charge
2) Drop us an email so we know to process them together. If your total order (standard + customised items) is NOT above $150, a $20 delivery fee applies. Therefore you would need to:
1) Pay for ONE $20 delivery charge.
2) For your second order, click ‘self-collection’ upon checkout and drop us an email letting us know you’d like your items delivered together. Where do I pick up my cakes if I opt for self pick-up? Expand

Location is at Bukit Timah. Actual address will be sent to you via confirmation email upon payment made.

Cake Enquiries

How do I store my customised cakes? Expand

Our customised cakes are frosted with swiss meringue buttercream, which is soft, creamy and luscious at room temperature. Because it is made with butter, it will harden if stored in the fridge. Therefore, our cakes are best consumed at room temperature.

If refrigerated, it needs to thaw for at least 1 hour or until cream is soft to the touch to ensure that it cuts well and taste good. (Not recommended for cakes with fondant that cannot be self-assembled ie. Cakes with rainbow bunting, 3D cat cake, Monster Cake, Floral Longevity Cake etc.)

If cake is to be displayed, it can last in an air con room (at least 18°C) for up to 5 hours.

Can I have a less sweet cake? Expand

Like yourself, we are sugar conscious too! We strive to do a less sweet cake whenever possible without affecting the overall taste of the cake. Hence for an even lesser sweet option, we would add less cream between the layers of the cake. Unfortunately we will not be able to reduce sugar in the recipes for the sponge or cream components as it would alter the taste and texture of the final product.


Why are the cost of customised cakes more expensive than standard cakes? Shouldn’t the cost of 2 tiered cakes be the sum of 2 single tired cakes? Expand

Customised cakes, by nature, require much more time, effort to bake, assemble and decorate as compared to our standard cakes.

With two-tier cakes, it is not just a matter of stacking two cakes together as the process of assembling and decorating is entirely different from a standard, single-tier cake. The cost of the cake is therefore not equivalent to just the cost of ingredients but also time and opportunity cost. We understand that party planners often work on a tight budget, so we do our best to be reasonable with pricing where possible, without compromising on the look and taste of the final product. Hope that makes sense for you.

Is Gulalicious Halal certified? Expand

We are not a halal-certified bakery and our kitchen handles pork-based gelatin and alcohol for the production of some of our cakes.

Can I choose fresh cream instead of buttercream for customised cakes? Expand

Unfortunately not. This is because fresh cream is not stable enough to support such designs and is easily damaged and prone to melting.

What cake sizes are available? Expand

Hop over to our sizing Chart!


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