Chocolate Cakes

When it comes to Chocolate Cakes, there is never a “one cake fits all” solution. Everyone has their own take and preferences on the “Best, Moist. Dark” or “Rich, tasty, decadent” chocolate cake. As a kid growing up, I’ve had my fair share of chocolate cakes. Whether they came as ice-cream cakes, mousse cakes, fudge cakes or sponge cakes, I loved, and still love them all.
I love chocolate so much that to me, chocolate equals love. That could be another reason why women particularly love chocolate… deep down, it makes us feel loved, cared for and pampered. And it’s not just women that loves chocolate! Research has it that mice actually prefer chocolate over cheese every time! (mice love sweet smelling food and as such, they would be more tempted by a piece of chocolate than a chunk of cheddar) That kinda inspired me….. “Dark Mice Piper Cake” anyone?

If this is your first visit to our site, thank you, and a very warm welcome to you. Take your time to take a look at some of our chocolate cakes that we are very proud of, ALL of which are low sugar and in a way healthy. One of our popular favourites are our Chocolate Fudge cake. Bittersweet, with layers of super moist chocolate sponge in between the velvety dark brown fudge. This orgasmic cake will have you go back for seconds, unable to stop. Though it may look rather plain, the pillowy-soft cake encapsulates the perfect level of bitterness from the Belgium Dark Chocolate used. So if you ever want to feel how perfect life is, this is pretty much life changing.

cherry garcia

Chocolate Cherry Garcia



Chocolate Macchiato


Valrhona Chocolate Fudge Cake

Old Fashioned, Low-Sugar Valrhona Chocolate Fudge



TD4 Chocolate Cremeux Cake